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Welcome to 2023!

Dear Specialised Exhibitions Stakeholders, Partners, and Friends

Wishing everyone a warm and prosperous 2023! As an industry, exhibitions, conferences, and events embarked on a process of recovery in 2022. The impact and regulations from the Covid-19 pandemic started to ease and all economic sectors in South Africa began to normalise.

The impact of the two years of lockdowns and trauma from the virus will be felt for years to come. Many businesses closed, lives and livelihoods were impaired. Despite this sobering reality, 2022 brought with it hope and recovery. We held a number of regional and national shows throughout the country. Both exhibitors and visitors embraced the privilege of face-to-face business engagements after a 2-year hiatus. The sense of anticipation, appreciation and importance of meeting and doing business personally and not from behind a digital device was palpable.

This year marks our 55th year as Southern Africa’s leading trade exhibition organisers. As a Division of Montgomery Group in the UK, we have been involved in community engagement in the industries we serve since 1895. This pedigree and passion for trade shows manifests itself within the young and dynamic team at Specialised Exhibitions. A diverse young team of Millennials and Z Generationers are at your disposal, ably supported by experienced and skilled hands.

We look forward to partnering with you in 2023, to collectively grow and nurture our businesses and industries.

Welcome and enjoy the adventure that 2023 presents.

Gary Corin, Specialised Exhibitions’ MD